Setup Contact Form

Contact form 7 is used to create ‘easy to handle’ and ‘easy to customize’ forms. This theme has seven pre-built forms. To get all forms, ‘Contact Form 7’ plugin must be installed and activated. You can add/edit/delete the contact form by following this documentation—

If you have imported our demo designs then you’ll get all contact forms along with demo import. You only need to configure them to suit your purpose. We’ve created contact forms through ‘Contact Form 7’. Once you’ll import the demo designs, you’ll find all the forms on ‘Contact > Contact Forms’.

You need to provide all the information for every contact form, so that you can get the details upon customers fill up any form. You can put information(Information may vary as per the form) on the ‘Mail’ tab as per below screenshot:-

 Contact form 7 uses php mail() function to send form data. Few hosting providers block php mail() function to send email via forms. In such case you may need to authenticate using or similar.

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